Meadco priniting problems

PTS Printing Issues Due to Microsoft Updates that effect Meadco/ScriptX

We have had various reports of issues with blank pages printing from our 4.0 and earlier systems, which use MeadCo. There was a Microsoft update on Tuesday 6/14/17 that is causing the issue. Different Operating Systems will have different update numbers, and those are listed below.

Windows 7: KB4022719, KB4022722 and KB4021558
Windows 8: KB4022726
Windows 10: KB4022715

Until Microsoft comes out with a permanent solution, the immediate fix is to uninstall these updates.
1. Open Control Panel
a. Press Windows Key + R on the keyboard to open a run dialog box
b. Type “control” with no quotations and press Enter
2. Navigate to Programs > Programs and Features
3. On the left menu, select View Installed Updates
4. Look for the proper update in the Microsoft Windows section, KB numbers are listed above.
a. Usually says “Update for Microsoft Windows (KB…….)”
b. If the KB number doesn’t match, it would be the update installed whenever updates were last installed, generally the most recent day.
5. Once the updates have been uninstalled, the computer will have to be restarted.

The whole process should take 10-15 minutes. You must have Administrator Privileges to uninstall updates properly. If you do not have Administrator Privileges, contact your System Administrator to complete these steps.