Agent FAQ Alabama

Did you receive the Payment?
Click Here for Step By Step Guide to Lookup Policy Balance
Click Here for Video Tutorial on how to Lookup Policy BalanceIf the policy is financed please contact the Finance Company directly. Please call 352-638-9400 if you need further assistance.
What is the status of the policy?

The policy status can be found on the agent portal. See below instructions on how to lookup a policy.
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Click Here for Renewal Business Policy Lookup

If you need to check the status of an ALABAMA American Reliable policy, please visit the carrier site directly for information on policy status.
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How do I cancel a policy?

An insured signed statement requesting cancellation is required. The request must include the policy number. Please email insured signed request to If you are requesting to back date a cancellation, proof of replaced coverage or proof of sale is also required.

Where is the refund?

Please call 352-638-9400 and ask for the Accounting Department for exact details and turnaround time for the policy in question.

How to locate a copy of the Renewal Offer?

Agents may retrieve a copy of the renewal offer from the agent portal.

If you need to retrieve a renewal offer for an ALABAMA American Reliable or United National policy, please visit the carrier site directly for that information.

If you need assistance, please contact our office.

What classes do I use for my GL Commercial Quote?

Go over the list of services your client offers and assign class codes accordingly. Please call 352-638-9400 for further assistance with properly classifying the risk.

Where do I send payment?

Some carriers require payment to be paid direct to the insurance company. Binding instructions or invoicing will provide detail on where to send payment. If the payment is for an Alabama America Reliable policy or USLI Direct Bill to company policy, please follow instructions from the carrier.

What is your mailing address?

PO Box 492000, Leesburg, FL 34748

What is your overnight address?

26600 Ace Avenue, Leesburg, FL 34748

Do you need applications this renewal term?

At times an application may be required at renewal but the rules vary by carrier. Please contact the appropriate underwriter per our Contacts page if you require further assistance.
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• American Reliable IGL – Application required every 3rd term.
• American Southern – Application required every 3rd term, if multiple locations.
• American Safety – Application required every 3rd term. Surplus Lines Disclosure form required every term.
• Atlantic Casualty –Acord applications/supplementals required every other term. Surplus Lines Disclosure and Terrorism form required every term.
• Penn America –Surplus Lines Disclosure required every term.
• United Specialty – Acord applications/supplementals required every other term. Surplus Lines Disclosure form and Surplus Lines Filing Form required each term. If Additional Insured is on policy, an Additional Insured Supplemental is required each term.

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