PTS Printing Problems

See below for the most common printing problems in the PTS system. If you need assistance or have any questions just give us a call at 877-424-7336.


If you are in the PTS system and NO PRINTERS are available OR when you do print it is not printing correctly, below are the steps needed to correct the issue:

  • Log out of PTS Systems and Website completely
  • Be sure to add the following web address to your Compatibility View Settings one at a time: and
  • To add this website to your compatibility settings, open a new Internet Explorer Window.
  • Go to Tools in the Menu bar and click it.
  • Select Compatibility View Settings.
  • Add the web addresses one at a time and they will now appear in the “Websites You’ve added to Compatibility View” box, close the Compatibility View Settings box.
  • Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh the web page. If that doesn’t work hit the refresh button in the search dialog box within your Internet Explorer window.
  • Once the window refreshes, log back into the PTS system and try printing again. You should now see the printer selections and/or be able to print the document correctly.

If you are prompted to install Meadco ScriptX, you will need to do so.


If you are a new agent you may not have the proper software installed in order to print from the PTS systems. Sometimes even if you’ve installed this before it may need to be reinstalled. See instructions below.


Step 1. Click on link above
Step 2. Choose RUN or OPEN
Step 3. Choose RUN
Step 4. Choose Install