Commercial Binding Procedures New Business

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Please visit the Home page to access the General Liability Commercial Comparative Rater. In this rater you may obtain Commercial GL Quotes for Florida business. You may also print applications, submit for binding approval and make payment from this system. In some instances your quote will need to be submitted to the Carrier for approval. Please allow 24 hrs for review of your new submission.
• If risk is approved by the underwriter or carrier, a binder and/or a copy of the policy will be emailed to the agency email we have on file.
• If risk is declined, a binder decline will be emailed to the agency email we have on file.
• If your agency binds a new business application and does not collect or forward premium due prior to cancellation of policy due to nonpayment, your agency will be billed for any earned premium or minimum premium due in addition to fully earned fees/charges.
If you wish to obtain a quote OR request binding for Garage, Package, Property, Ocean Marine, Inland Marine or any other commercial product other than General Liability, please email to or fax applications to 352-638-9498. Specific applications can be found on the Commercial Apps/Forms page. If all required information is received then a quote, or declination will be released to you within 24 hrs depending on completion of required application/forms and market availability.
If you wish to obtain a quote for Georgia or Alabama, please email to or fax applications to 352-638-9498. Please note, in order to bind we must have a copy of the state license on file as well as the signed producer agreement for that state. Please note: Premium payment is required within 10 days to avoid a notice of cancellation for GL business.

1. To avoid a BINDER DECLINE, please be sure to classify the risk correctly. Please call an underwriter for assistance with classifications at 352-638-9400.
2. In the GL Rater, on the Quote Summary page there will almost always be classification notes (notes were designed to help you to properly classify the operation of the insured} – in this section it will indicate if a supplemental is required for the classes you selected. You will also be prompted before submitting the quote for approval to print the required supplemental from
3. Most Carriers require the signed and completed applications and any applicable supplementals be uploaded to the quote BEFORE submitting for underwriting approval. Please provide all required completed apps/forms to avoid declination of the submission.
4. If your quote summary screen states “DO NOT COLLECT ANY PREMIUM UNTIL YOU SUBMIT THE RISK AND RECEIVE APPROVAL FROM US” then do NOT collect premium and instead only upload completed BUT Unsigned applications/supplementals to the quote before submitting it for approval. When this message is seen the quote pricing and conditions are subject to change and require carrier approval.

Attention Agents: Please note, E-Delivery of Policy Documents has been turned for all agencies. This means agency copies of policy documents should arrive electronically in most cases.