Reliable FAQ



  • Why did I get an invoice from the carrier for the full balance due when I choose to finance the balance?

    • The carrier will always generate a balance due letter if a partial payment is made. If the minimum down payment required was submitted then the in house finance company will mail you a full finance package to review and a contract that must be signed and returned. Once the signed contract is received in our office then the unpaid balance per the contract will be applied to the policy balance and the invoice can then be disregarded if it is for the same amount.


  • How do I make my installment payment online?

    • Go to Reliable Premium Finance menu on and select the Make A Finance Payment. Log in using your credentials that were mailed to you. The documents would include an account code (contract #) starting with WB and a password. **Please be advised this will only be available if you have returned your signed contract and it has been activated by Reliable Premium Finance.


  • Can I make an installment payment by phone?

    • Yes, 24/7. You can make an automated installment payment by calling 352-638-9400 and following the prompts to reach the automated telephone payment system. Note: you must have your WB# to proceed. With the automated system you can also set up your payments for automatic withdrawal using the same credit/debit or checking account information on file. After making your payment there will be an option to setup up the automatic payments if you wish to do so – just follow the prompts.


  • Where can I make my down payment if I want to finance with Reliable Premium Finance?

    • The down payment is made to Irvin B. Green & Associates, not Reliable Premium Finance. You may make a down payment to Ibgreen online by going to the Make A Payment Menu and selecting Down payments, Full payments, or Policy Balance Payments. Once the down payment is processed, Ibgreen will notify Reliable Premium Finance to mail a full finance package to the insured as long as the minimum down payment requirement is met. OR Mail Check or Money Order to 26600 Ace Avenue, Leesburg, FL 34748.


  • How do I login to my Reliable Premium Finance Account?

    • If you are an insured, please review your finance paperwork mailed to you by the finance company. The paper you received titled “Memorandum – Premium Finance Coupons” will list your login information. Once you locate this information go to the Reliable Premium Finance menu above and select Insured Account Access to login.

      If you are an agent, please contact our office for assistance at (352) 638-9400.


Attention Agents: Please note, E-Delivery of Policy Documents has been turned for all agencies. This means agency copies of policy documents should arrive electronically in most cases.